Top Things to do in Jaipur after March Ending – For Corporates

Zip wire adventure for corporates

Once a year, go some place
You have’ve never been Before
– Dalai Lama

Namaskar Everyone!!

This financial year is about to end. From Top Management to Junior Executives, everyone is going to stay under pressure.

Early office arrivals and late departures will be common for upcoming 60 days. This is a kind of pressure from which you can’t run away. It will help not only yours but also for whole company’s better financial health.

The ultimate truth of life – “No Pain No Gain” !!

Thats true! But if you keep working over and over, take more pain. Absolutely you will “gain” when it comes to Money but you will lose your real wealth that is “health”. The two chemicals of happiness inside your brain “Serotonin” and “Dopamine” gets affected if the “work stress” is not properly managed.

This is where the essence of Recreation, travelling and outdoor activities come into the scene. Or, in other words the  ultimate truth of life lies into “Balance”.

So, what about Physical and Mental health after all this March ending Mumbo-Jumbo?  Allow me share “ Top things to do in Jaipur after March”.

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How to stay into Kashmir for whole month in minimum expense?


Are you completely fed-up of waiting weekends to enjoy and feeling like to escape somewhere far into the mountains? Are you feeling an irresistible desire to pack your bags and move somewhere out for whole month? Have you decided the destination? Is it Kashmir?

How to stay into Kashmir for one month in the minimum budget?

So, finally if you have made up your mind to quit your job and you can’t control your wanderlust towards the lush green forests, snow-capped peaks but the expenses are something that is bothering you. How about ₹15000 ? Well, this is the least amount you are going to need. Normally, you can only cover 7 days 6 nights in this amount but you can make it for 30 days in this amount by being price sensitive. Let me show you how –

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Why you should add Chadratal Lake into your Itinerary and How to visit there?


There is a very under-rated route into the Leh-Ladakh itinerary. Mostly the tourists who are specially going for Spiti Valley trek only explores this route. If you are going to Ladakh from Leh-Manali highway and you haven’t added this place then you must now if you have extra time to modify your itinerary. The main attraction of adding Chattru-Batal route into your Itinerary is –Chandratal Lake.

Gramphu to Chattru to Batal

Generally, if you are coming via Manali and going to Leh then there are the possibilities that you do not add Batal into your itinerary. It is simply because it takes a whole day or may be two to visit chandratal lake.

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Top Beautiful Motivational and Hilarious warnings by BRO on Leh-Ladakh highway

Oh Darling I like you but not so fast.

On the way from Manali to Sonamarg there are lots of beautiful, motivational and hilarious slogans written by Border Road Organization (BRO). BRO is actually a part of Indian army who maintains and develops the road network of border. They take care of 32,885 kms of roads and about 12,200 meters of permanent bridges in the country. Pretty tough and risky job!!

Whole Leh-Manali highway was built by them. They perform quite dangerous tasks in extremely dangerous situations and harsh environment to make the life of locals and travelers easy.

Funny slogans by BRO

and still, they manage to entertain and warn both at the same time to keep our Road trip into motion.

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